Why Grimes Is Set To Have Her Biggest Year Yet


Electro-pop singer/songwriter/producer Grimes is known for making out-of-the-box and unique tracks, as well as for being an out-of-the-box and unique personality in the music scene. In January, she dropped her collab with fellow pop princess HANA, “We Appreciate Power”, a single set for her highly-anticipated album set to drop in December. Now, she’s returned yet again with her “Pretty Dark” demo single and video, a much different musical venture.

According to the artist, “Pretty Dark (Demo)” is a track from an AR (augmented reality) musical she’s been secretly working on. “ . . . while im finishing my album im just gonna start casually dropping stuff as I see fit. Been doing this exercise where I try to write and produce a whole song in like ~1-2 hrs… fuck technical proficiency and whatnot,” Grimes wrote in the video’s YouTube description. “ She revealed she’s been creating “sub-members” for her “psychedelic post k pop-ish fake band for my non-Grimes musical ventures . . . They are the main characters from the book/ musical im working on.. (AKA im bored of being so precious abt music and also feeling boxed in by the Grimes branding and I have this whole other world that’s rly fun to write for.”

If revealed according to Grimes’ plans, this new project will operate much like a Gorillaz-esque “virtual” band, with different animated characters taking part singing her songs. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out, and I for one, am here for all this new music, demos or not. If this takes off, Grimes is primed to take the music world by storm and break new ground for pop music in 2019.

Check out the full video below, and keep an eye out for whatever Grimes comes up with next.






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