GRiZ continues the party with Bangers[3].Zip

The rambunctious Bangers[3].Zip EP has arrived and it continues GRiZ’s riot-inducing, party-starting explosive experience. His third EP in the last few months features the songs, “I Like That (feat. Kayla Jasmine)”, “supadupakulavibe”, and “Now Til Infinity”. Bangers[3].Zip comes on the heels of GRiZ’s Season Two US Tour that kicks-off September 26 in Boston.

The new EP is a follow-up to Bangers[2].zip – which features the stellar “Griztronics” – is another GRiZ foray into the experimental side. He weaves together his signature sounds like brass and guitar licks; yet, flips it with heavy distortion and dub effects that culminates in a rhythmic wallop that rings the listener’s soul.

Bangers[3].Zip starts the party with the thunderous “I Like That” featuring Kayla Jasmine. GRiZ constructs an acid-dripped, hip-hop-inspired production that wobbles with low-frequency bass, typically found in dubstep. Kayla Jasmine plays her best “siren” and unleashes an infectious attitude that draws listeners in and hypes them like they’re ready to box Mike Tyson. The culmination of these elements creates a really unique sound that breathes freshness into hip-hop-laced dance music.

GRiZ keeps the energy high with “supadupakulavibe”. The track roars with a ferocity that makes it destined to be a crowd raiser on his upcoming tour. GRiZ builds the track with energetic synths and Black Keys sounding guitar chords that combine to ooze a coolness that only GRiZ could conjure. The pitch-shifted vocals ring-out “I feel alive and it’s alright”, and those words encapsulate what this track is all about, letting loose and enjoying the fun.

The final track is “Now Til Infinity”, a sizzling electro-swing inspired tune. It’s packed with GRiZ’s signature brass sound that creates a sense of nostalgia that tugs at the back of your heart. The slick samples and whimsical energy at the core of “Now Til Infinity” will surely start a party on any dancefloor.

Bangers[3].Zip EP is all about energy and attitude. GRiZ unveils what is best described as a raucous dance party for the ears. You can stream the EP on your favorite service here or scroll down. And also be sure to grab your tickets to GRiZ’s Season Two US Tour here and don’t regret missing out on what will surely be legendary.





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