GRL GANG Make A Scene Upon Arrival With First Compilation Release “RIOT!”

GRL GANG is an initiative and platform dedicated to expanding the presence of women in dance music. With their efforts combined, they hope to be able to exploit the talent and power of females aspiring to influence the landscape of the music industry. Through music, they choose to express themselves, showcasing the height of their abilities.

GRL GANG is debuting its first-ever album, “RIOT!”, in celebration of International Women’s Day’.

The vast tracklist includes a gigantic collaboration between JEANIE, LEVEL UP, MADGRRL and SIPPY named “Inferno.” Other buzzing acts including Lizzy Jane, Jinx, Risik and others have produced tracks for release exclusively.

GRL GANG is dedicated to continuing making a positive impact, and 100% proceeds from the release will be donated to Girls, Inc, a network of nonprofit organizations that empowers girls ages 6-18 in the United States and Canada to be strong, smart and bold through healthy living, academic enrichment and support and life skills instruction.

“I am extremely proud and excited to release the first-ever GRL GANG compilation in honor of such a special day. The producers involved are all extremely talented and have created tracks I am beyond thrilled to share. I look forward to helping shine a light on some of the amazing women in dance music through this compilation and the many others that will follow!” – JEANIE

“I wanted to write a song letting every woman listening know that she is a queen bitch.” – Risik

“I’m really excited to be featured on this compilation alongside so many talented women I look up to, and even more excited to support Girls Inc. Hearing the music, this is an album you definitely want to hear on repeat. So, why not do both?” – Z3RØ5um





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