Gryffin & Boy Matthews Create Uplifting Epic Single ‘New Blood’

Two incredible talents put the best parts of their styles within one track via “New Blood.” EDM name-stay Gryffin and highly-successful singer-songwriter Boy Matthews are the musicians to thank for this heavenly ride through their sonic psyche. “New Blood,” features an undeniable combination of gently-strummed guitar work, enchanting synth/pad atmospheres, and the dynamic vocal range of Boy Matthews.

Gryffin is an outstanding artist to highlight when comparing talent on a global scale. Singles like “I Want Love, “Safe With Me,” and “Best Is Yet To Come,” being recent releases clarifying his direction musically in 2021. Recent releases have garnered over 65 million streams and continue to climb rapidly.

Gryffin had the biggest breaks in his career around 2016, with singles “Heading Home,” and “Whole Heart,” going viral on Spotify. His tour schedule in the past few years is so stunning it’s as if the story has been pulled out a wild dream. Touring internationally, playing some of the best venues across the world, and headlining some of the biggest festivals gives a bit of a snapshot of what he’s experienced.

Collectively, over 225 million streams just on Spotify is what Gryffin has landed since he started on this alias. “New Blood,” featuring Boy Matthews, is the next iteration of a one-of-a-kind adventure he continues to embark on.





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