Hear Gryffin’s Emotional “Hurt People” Feat. Aloe Blacc

LA-based DJ-producer Gryffin has teamed up with well known American singer Aloe Blacc to release “Hurt People”, an emotional electronic pop track.  Gryffin’s production combines the sound of traditional electronic pop with his own unique style.  Starting off with Blacc’s raw vocal performance and an airy piano sound, the track erupts into a powerful drop with trap drums and an electric guitar lead.  “Hurt people’s how it begins, hurt people’s how it ends, and I don’t want to cause you pain”, Blacc sings, making a statement on the inevitable endings of love.

Gryffin and Blacc both owe their careers to the recent rise of EDM in the mainstream cultural eye.  Gryffin’s biggest hit to date, “Feel Good” with Illenium featuring Daya has amassed millions of streams across steaming platforms.  Similarly, Aloe Blacc found success after the release of his 2013 hit “Wake Me Up” with the late Avicii.  The track exploded in popularity, reaching #1 in 103 countries.  Now, the two artists are back with their single “Hurt People”.

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