GunFight Releases Yet Another Bass Gem With “Ammo”

Over these past years, GunFight has been working really hard in order to cement his name as one of the brightest up-and-comers in the bass music scene, and with the quality and consistency of his recent releases, it looks like he’s closer than ever to achieving his goal. Already having two massive albums on his catalog, the producer is staying strong and keeps pumping out releases this year, already having given fans three tracks with “Lethal” and “Purgatory”, as well as recent electro house single “Simulation”. Now, he is getting ready to unleash his latest bass masterpiece, high-energy single “Ammo”. 

For this one, GunFight steps into drum and bass territory and the results are nothing but amazing. Atmospheric melodies and washed out bass stabs keep the energy rising as the drop comes closer and closer; and when it arrives, the energy transcends into a whole new level, as GunFights does his magic with high-energy drumwork and metallic sound design. 




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