Habstrakt Closes Out 2019 With “Real”

As each artist rounds out their discography for the calendar year, Habstrakt decided to go out with a house-based bomb. Keeping with his usual signature percussion set and bass manipulation, “Real” epitomizes the best of that Habstrakt sound he’s been cultivating. The second drop stays in the house-tempo but starts out with a trap rhythm which makes for quite the trippy listening experience.

I wanted to make something raw and distorted but packed with a lot of attitude,” he said on the making of the track. “It’s been my favorite thing to play lately especially the second drop! This is my last release of 2019 before taking a little holiday break!

It’s nice to see an artist end the year strong and take some time to themselves away from all the chaos. You can still catch Habstrakt on tour for five more shows in December and stream “Real” while he prepares new music for 2020 and beyond!






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