HARBER Reaches New Plateau Debuting On Spinnin’ Records Via ‘Count You In’

It’s moments like this that can be one of the most exciting in an artist’s career. After HARBER’s “Feelings After Dark,” debut via Musical Freedom, he’s now following it up with a Spinnin’ Records release titled “Count You In.” The upbeat track features the vocals of Robbie Rosen, the two clearly having a creative chemistry between the two of them, as the tune articulates a sense of infectiousness and balance that drives it’s undeniable stickiness.

The track oozes with club-friendly atmosphere’s as the darkness creeps in for a brief moment in the intro, soon HARBER slips in the deep house melody as the vocals of Robbie Rosen begin doing it’s part. “Count You In,” contains all the right elements of a high streaming, successful vibe. The track finishes with a ‘full circle’ type feel, colorful arpeggios surround the initial melodies that came forth at the start of the track.

HARBER is no stranger to success, he’s charted on Billboard previously, which is no easy feat to accomplish. In the last couple of years he’s gained traction in the NYC EDM scene, playing plenty of venues in the area including Avant Gardner in Brooklyn, Mercury Lounge, and even did Spinnin’ Sessions on a Yacht off of Pier 15.

There’s plenty more to come for HARBER, his story yet to be written, but sure to be remembered.




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