Headhunterz and Sound Rush Drop Exhilarating Hardstyle Anthem, ‘Follow Me’

More than a year ago, Headhunterz cemented his return to hardstyle with a mini-album proclaiming so, titled “The Return of Headhunterz“. In it, you can find a gem of a tune with Sound Rush, which is titled Rescue Me. Soon after that release, Sound Rush joined the roster of Headhunterz’s Art of Creation label, and they’ve finally sat in the studio to finish a follow-up to Rescue Me. Titled Follow Me, Headhunterz’s newest beckons listeners into the world of hardstyle with a fantastic, euphoric melody and an intense kick to go along with it.

Beginning with angelic, choir-inspired vocals, the song moves, as is conventional, into a raw, introductory drop oozing with the over-so-popular triplet rhythms, a hint of minor tonality appearing in the chord progression. A brief orchestral breakdown precedes the introduction of the melody, as the kicks are pitched around to harmonize with the melody. Unlike most other hardstyle tracks however, Headhunterz and Sound Rush have chosen to pamper listeners with a third drop, coming along with an accompanying eight bar suspense-filled buildup.

Follow Me upholds the immensely productive 2019 that Sound Rush have been enjoying. With three Art of Creations this year, it seems like Headhunterz is doing well in supporting young talent as he passes the torch of his hardstyle legacy to the next generation of producers.




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