Hear REZZ’s Epic BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

As England send off summer festival season this weekend with the likes of SW4, Reading and Creamfields, the BBC’s Essential Mix lined up none other than REZZ to energise their radio waves. The highly anticipated mix airs during one of the biggest weekends of the year, REZZ herself performing in the UK at Creamfields.

Having Pete Tong hand over the decks to the BBC show is a monumental point in any electronic talents career, the 2-hour long mix is a unique chance to show off their unique palette to an audience of hungry music lovers in the UK and around the globe.

While some artists use the coveted show to share a mix of the flavours that inspire them intertwined with upcoming releases, other more prolific producers such as REZZ are able to use a mix like this to take listeners on a ride across solely their own catalogue. With all of the mix’s 44 tracks coming from REZZ, it’s a great way to get to know her.

For die-hard fans, the mix is a great place to satisfy your Rezz needs and hear your favourite tracks mixed together how she envisioned them. Jumping from songs off her recent project “Beyond The Senses” through to her first EP ‘Insurrection’ and her collabs with deadmau5, Blanke, K?d and 1788. While its a feat being able to make a mix of ones own catalogue, some fans may be disappointed that there was no new music included in the mix.

Listen here on BBC Radio

Full Tracklist

1 REZZ – Edge
2 REZZ & Kotek Teleportal
3 REZZ  Methodology
4 REZZ Plague
5 deadmau5 & REZZ Slip (Rezz Remix)
6 REZZ Negative
7 REZZ Contorted
8 REZZ  Relax
9 REZZ & 13 Drugs
10 REZZ & EDDIE Stress
11 REZZ Spider On The Moon
12 REZZ & 13 The Crazy Ones
14 REZZ Dark Age
15 REZZ Witching Hour
16 REZZ Cryptic
17 REZZ & Deathpact Kiss of Death
18 REZZ Diluted Brains
19 REZZ Purple Gusher
20 REZZ Green Gusher
21 REZZ Selector
23 REZZ Rubix Cube
24 REZZ & Raito Alien
25 REZZ Voice In The Wall
27 REZZ Rush
28 REZZ Paranoid
29 REZZ Serenity
30 REZZ <@[email protected]> <@[email protected]>
31 REZZ & 1788-L H E X
32 REZZ & Blanke Mixed Signals
33 REZZ & k?d Fourth Impact
34 REZZ & Deathpact Life & Death
35 REZZ Transformer
36 No Mana Clear (REZZ Remix)
37 REZZ Delusion
38 REZZ & Fytch Toxin
39 REZZ & Laura Brehm Melancholy
40 REZZ Flying Octopus
41 REZZ & Isqa Psycho
42 REZZ & Sayer Your Soul Will Never Be Released
43 REZZ Synesthesia
44 REZZ & Delaney Lost





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