Besomorph, Anthony Keyrouz & Jon Paul Put The Best Themselves Together on ‘Heartbreak Hotel’

“Heartbreak Hotel,” properly blends together the best elements of three talents in one inviting single. Besomorph, Anthony Keyrouz, and Jon Paul have joined forces on the work, concocting a brazilian bass / slap house vibe that goes above and beyond other songs embracing this same genre. Besomorph and Anthony Keyrouz have worked together before and clearly have keen creative chemistry between one another, throw singer/songwriter Jon Paul in the mix and you have a quality track that’s simply hard to forget. Dark and illusive, yet attractive and easy to repeat, there’s many proper actions happening all at once in this song that makes it a winner.

Besomorph dropped a whopping 21 singles in 2020, unleashing a plethora of singles that achieved notable success alongside remixes from names like Topic, Tujamo and A7S. The man is simply killing it as of late, having over 5 million monthly listeners under this alias. Which is only 1 of 3 he’s actively focused on. He’s been signing music to Universal Music/Virgin, a huge step to take for any artist in his career.

“Heartbreak Hotel,” is apart of a seasonal theme the solo electronic artist is calling Chapter RED, which is meant to express “dangerous love games, destructive behavior and mental distress, with the color red symbolizing danger and toxicity.”

Leaving way more on the table than the average electronic artist, “Heartbreak Hotel,” is the next iteration of a massive multi-faceted project.





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