Hellberg Recruits Aloe Blacc For ‘Punching In The Dark’

Rising Swedish producer Hellberg has recently signed with Sony and with that, releases ‘Punching In The Dark’ together with in demand vocalist Aloe Blacc.

Hellberg found his start with Monstercat, releasing exciting progressive records. In the past few years however, Hellberg has turned his focus to a more pop output, releasing a slew of productions for the more commercial crowd. He has millions of streams to his name, teaming up with Leona Lewis, and now most notably; Aloe Blacc.

Aloe Blacc famously gave his voice to Avicii’s smash-hit ‘Wake Me Up’ and now for the lead of his posthumous album; ‘SOS’. The record embraces Aloe’s brilliant vocals with the perfect instrumental backing. It drops into a tropical kygo-esque sound and melody.

‘Punching In The Dark’ is a landmark track for Hellberg, as this will be his first full co-write on a lyrical and songwriting collaboration. The track tells the story of a relationship gone stale: one with happy memories and good will, but an underlying sense that it’s past its best and is doomed to fail. The bittersweet feel of the lyrics contrasts beautifully with the more uplifting melodies, reminding us that we should cherish the good memories rather than dwelling on the bad ones.

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