Help Save Our Planet by Listening to Chris Webby’s “Our Planet”

Fires rage year-round destroying millions of acres, killing over half a billion animals, destroying lives, as the death toll rises. This is the reality of a dying planet where each year the temperature climbs higher and higher than the previous year. A planet that sees sea levels climbing higher and higher than the previous, this is our reality and it won’t stop until we as a people do something.

It takes people of influence to set a standard and put pressure on our politicians to take action. To stop our destructive ways from destroying our planet for our children, our animals, our nature, and it takes an artist like Chris Webby to spread the word the action can be done by every single person on this planet we share because our planet is dying and we have to do something to stop it.

That passion to take action to save our planet is why Chris Webby made his incredible new song “Our Planet”. A hip-hop track featuring Bria Lee and a reworking of Woodie Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land” to feature Webby’s powerful lyrical content centered around the atrocities and destructive ways we as people our destroying the Earth, this track strikes deep into any sensible person’s heartstrings.

A slowed down, slap guitar helps Webby string a new story around Guthrie’s old folk track that once was an ode to this beautiful Earth we live on, now has a darker theme, but one if Guthrie had lived to see the beauty of this planet fade he would have wholeheartedly been behind. What’s great about Webby’s reworking of this treasured folk song is his ability to invoke his own sense of folksy storytelling wizardry. It’s a song that can fall under a genre I’m not sure exists Folk-Hop or maybe Hip-Folk, we can argue over which word comes first when we figure out if this is a new genre or not.

“Our Planet” becomes even more of a powerful statement when you watch the music video. Almost a shot for shot retelling of Webby’s words, the music video is heart-wrenching and by the time you get to the part where it shows the killing of some of our planets most majestic animals for no other reason than just for the trophy, one can’t help but tear up. I highly recommend you listen to this song for the first time while watching this powerful music video.

Webby has made a call to action. It’s now up to us as a community sharing this world to do our part and one way is by supporting this song. All proceeds of “Our Planet” will go to two amazing charities, The Rainforest Trust and Big Life Africa.

Please also consider donating to the charities that are helping all who have been affected by the Australian Wildfires, which includes wildlife donations and to the Australian Redcross. Here is a link to a USA Today article that features all of the various charities you can donate to.




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