Aus Duo: Hi Motive Set To Make Waves With New Single “Silk”

Hi Motive, is an artist / producer duo who recently hit the Aus independent scene with their brand new single, “Silk”. This song features lush electronic soundscapes, including dense beat patterns and intriguing textural drones. The vocals are particularly interesting, bringing a dash of R&B to the mix. If you enjoy the sound of artists such as Active Child, Son Lux or Hercules & Love Affair, you might be in for a treat! The vocals soar on top of the mix, while still allowing the song to retain its dance-friendly edge.

The track is also particularly interesting in its production: the sound is wide-open and gigantic, yet haunting and dark, making for a bittersweet listening experience. Ultimately, “Silk” is a very dynamic track, which feels both exciting and relatable. Fans of old-school House music will dig the release, while fans of modern indie-pop will find it equally appealing due to its fresh melodic content.

Stream “Silk” Here:

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