Flume Is Back With ‘Hi This Is Flume’ Mixtape

After being absent for two years, Aussie artist Harley Streten aka Flume is back with a mixtape released through his home label Future Classic.

The Mixtape features 16 tracks with an additional intro of him speaking. As it is a mixtape, it is best to follow the tracks in order to experience the mix in all it’s glory. Included is Flume’s signature alternative electro sound, as well as tracks with rappers and energetic productions.

The Mixtape seems to be even more alternative that his previous releases, we are used to seeing a mix of commercial and indie music from Flume. Could we see a commercial album in addition to this mixtape soon?

It’s been two years since we got a taste of Flume’s creativity, this mixtape definitely made up for the wait. After experiencing this mixtape, we are keen to see what is next from the Australian producer.




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