Highlnd Twists BMTH’s In The Dark Into A Future Bass Hit

Covers of classics are hard to nail, especially when innovated upon into wildly different genres. Rarely do they hit the mark. But, Highlnd’s take on Bring Me The Horizon’s classic, In The Dark, introduces you to a more lighthearted and novel perspective as opposed to the original.

Highlnd employ the talents of rock singer Julian Comeau to develop an eerie, sentimental mood through impassioned vocals. Deep basses and colorful supersaws usher in the drop, with a simple yet effective chord progression to captivate listeners. Although the melody oozes slowly and smoothly, the innovative idea of short notes in the percussion create a nonpareil upbeat and energetic vibe.

This budding duo from LA are likely to rise through the charts with their deft production and meticulous songwriting, as proven in this cover of In The Dark.




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