Hip-Hop Artist Stevee. D Releases Latest Single ‘We Go Up’ Remix

North Carolina’s Stevee.D is an up-and-coming artist who is best known currently for his “We Go Up (Remix) “music video which was shot in the heart of the Las Vegas strip at the famously known hotel, The Cosmopolitan. It was directed by Stevee.D himself and TheRecipeWorldwide. He has been noted by some DJ’s and artists for his flow and creative style. After 2017, Stevee.D took a 5 year break from the industry, where he was first recognized on the music scene with a collaboration on a song with another rapper named Fatt, who is also on the rise with his new music video “All Dat Ass (Widdit)” which currently almost has a million views. They both recorded the song (A Lot On My Mind [2017]) from their hometown of Raleigh-Durham, which was engineered and mixed by beat producer Baby Winsch, who is best known for his production with Lil Pump’s hit song “Drug Addicts.”

Stevee.D is currently working on an album that is planned to be released at the end of 2022. When asked who inspired him the most, he said “I get my inspiration from all sorts of up-and-coming artists, I’m always rooting for the underdog, and this is what actually inspired me to do the ‘We Go Up Remix.’ I was motivated by someone else I heard doing the remix. I wrote the song in two hours, recorded it in the studio for two hours, and we all really liked it and how it sounded, so I released it the next day! I figured if I could do this in such a short amount of time, what could I do if I actually put more time into this, so it inspired me to write an album I’m currently working on called ‘No Time For Friends’, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”




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