HoneyLuv’s ‘F R E E’ Drops Infectious House Track On Popgang Records

Sharing a positive and infectious energy drawing more attention in the LA area on out, HoneyLuv is set to spread her wings even more so. Showcasing for the first time “F R E E,” to the masses, the Popgang released single strikes a pitch-perfect balance between the world of indie and electronic. Piano incorporation incircles a pleasant house framework, all mentioned aesthetics seasoned with a zest of HoneyLuv distinct sound. Techy, empowering, and all-round a soul-freer, the work is expressive and transformational.

Originally from Cleveland, being inventive and unparalleled is one of many forefronts of the HoneyLuv mystic and message. The vibes have caught the eye of many industry heads as it began gaining ground during initial phases, the DJ/producer soon making appearances with brands like House Nation, Desert Hearts, Groove Cruise and landing residencies. More recently, she’s started House of Honey, her own radio show where an expanded spectrum of what feels fitting comes out full-blossom.

Paired with a live performance presence that’s as groovy and memorable as the music itself, HoneyLuv no doubt has the knack to make the world a better place.




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