Hotel Garuda Releases Awesome Debut EP ‘The Tension’

Following the releases of singles ‘Mutual’ and ‘Rush’, the LA-based producer emerges with his highly-anticipated full EP package, out now on Mom+Pop Music. 

From ‘Rush’ to ‘Leave You’, Hotel Garuda showcases an electronic vocal mix that is simple yet effective. The addicting collective of tracks is a must listen and is arguably his best work yet.

An amalgamation of styles that showcases full confidence in his creative abilities, The Tension is the perfect representation of Hotel Garuda’s roots, influences, and direction as he moves into a new phase of his artist career.

“This EP distills a year-long introspection into 4 pieces of music. The name of the EP comes from the tension I felt between being my truest self, and also putting on the persona that listeners had come to associate with Hotel Garuda. For a while now, I’d felt disconnected with the electronic music scene inasmuch as I had a hard time finding music that really stimulated me. I needed to break out of the confines that had been forced on me as a stereotypical “producer/DJ”. This meant being more involved in songwriting as well as singing on every song.




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