Howard Kaye ‘Shadows In The Dark’ Boasts Infectious Rock Nature

Howard Kaye brings forth an epic rock feel with his single “Shadows In The Dark.” Epic and entrancing, the single pulls you into this world and leaves you wanting more. Having worked in the space of hip-hop and electronic, Howard Kaye captures his life experience and channels it in the direction that he feels is right at the moment. With the vocals and guitar being the centerpiece of “Shadows In The Dark,” the single is haunting and powerful all in the same go. The heavy vibes at hand is enticing, proving Howard Kaye has long term talent that renders songs worth the time spent on it.

“Shadows In The Dark is a song about keeping my inner demons at bay. Over the past couple of years I have worked incredibly hard on bettering myself, as a musician, an artist but most importantly as a human. ‘Shadows’ is about the constant pressure of everyday life and doing what I can to not become a victim to my struggles with mental health and stay on the path I am on. In the chorus I talk about ‘There’s no angels watching over me, just the Devil’s in the street’ as a reference to the constant negative influences surrounding me trying to drag me back into the dark place I was in.”
– Howard Kaye

Having been supported by outlets like Earmilk and New Noise Magazine, the man has a way of gathering the right kind of attention around the projects he’s involved in. The level of craftmanship that he blends into to his songwriting style melds beautifully to render a vibe that’s time testing and moment making.

Look out for more from Howard Kaye, this will certainly not be the last release that he shares with the world.




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