Hydrah Unveils Explosive 3-Track EP Lucid Via AWEN Records

Minnesota-grown and Los Angeles-based producer, composer and singer Hydrah has been showcasing her production skills and ability to craft dark techno gems for some time now. A classically-trained musician, she expertly incorporates melodic elements and heavenly atmospheres into her otherwise dark productions, as well as lacing them with organic instrumentation, a result that is as stunning as it is intricate. 

Her 3-track EP Lucid marks Hydrah’s latest body of work, out via AWEN Records.  It’s a truly elegant effort, driven by massive basslines and deep melodies. Hydrah highlights her own vocals throughout the three tracks, that are also laced with slight deep house influences; “Divine” introduces the EP with amazing atmospheres, “Lucid” keeps the energy flowing with gritty basslines and groovy percussion, while “Solitude” slows the energy down and offers an amazing outro to this 3-piece sonic experience by Hydrah.  




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