Lujano & None LowFi Team Up On ‘I Love U’

Strap yourself in for a slap house / Brazilin bass track with a vocal that pops with a squeaky clean essence. That’s exactly what you will find thanks to the winning combination of Lujano and None LowFi.

From the start, a mysterious energy washes over, while the piano chords give way to the mood of what’s to come. None LowFi’s vocals slide and begin add more flavor to the mix. The dichotomy of a dark beat next to an uplifting vocal gives an alluring, distinctive feel to the experience. The next section segues and showcases a fast-pace build up. The drop soon hits and a club-friendly slap house / Brazilin bass bump makes it’s mark. The full impression of what this track is about is now revealed, a memorable, enchanting vibe that hit’s some high points on multiple parameters.

Lujano is far from his first release, his goes back to just 2020, but the amount of music he’s been able to output regularly is something to gawk at. The solo electronic musician has be able to define his style and showcase his vision as an artist whole-heartedly over these past several months.

None LowFi has a timbre that is pure and allows the worries of the world to fade away. She’s been stepping up her game since 2020, also blasting out a ton of releases that seemingly show off her infectious vocal capabilities.

Together, these two are a force to be reckoned with. “I Love You,” is released on Sovereign Records and continues to grow in stream count as well as general popularity.




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