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IGOR360 Unveils ‘PivoT’ EP: A Fusion of Musical Genres and Cultural Influences

Multi-hyphenate creative entrepreneur Igor Elie-Pierre, known professionally as IGOR360, is set to shine light the digital frontier with the release of his highly anticipated EP, ‘PivoT,’ complemented by the immersive dance film “Merged Subjects.” Leveraging his extensive expertise in design, branding, photography, cinematography, performance art, and music production, IGOR360 unveils a groundbreaking project that transcends and fosters empathy within our increasingly digital society.

Operating between Paris, New York City, and Toronto, Igor Elie-Pierre has established himself as one-to-watch at the confluence of art and technology. His relentless pursuit of making a profound emotional impact on audiences drives his mission to infuse the digital realm with humanity. ‘PivoT,’ the EP, embodies a seamless blend of musical genres and cultural influences, mirroring the artist’s diverse background and global outlook. The EP’s nuanced compositions invite listeners on an evocative adventure like no other.

Accompanying the EP is ‘Merged Subjects,’ an avant-garde dance film choreographed and performed by New York-based contemporary dancers Emma Gordon and Madison Lynch. Through their intuitive movements and compelling visuals, the film probes the dancers’ interactions with an unseen digital audience, exploring themes of moral intuition, mirroring, and intersubjectivity.

Igor’s renown in the fashion world, characterized by his visual identities and multisensory branding strategies, sets the stage for an even more impact with his latest endeavor. ‘Merged Subjects’ and ‘PivoT’ represent the initial phase of a broader research initiative, with IGOR360 dedicated to deepening the understanding of empathy and connection in the digital era. His innovative fusion of art and technology aspires to inspire a more empathetic and inclusive society.

Embark on this pioneering journey with IGOR360 as he reveals his new multidisciplinary project, inviting audiences to witness the beauty of movement and the powerful resonance of shared emotion.