Said The Sky, ILLENIUM & Chelsea Cutler Drop Emotionally Moving Collaboration ‘Walk Me Home’

Illenium and Said The Sky have released what could be their most balanced and all-around best collaboration yet in “Walk Me Home.” The track features the folksy but moving vocals of Chelsea Cutler, her timbre fitting right into the sentimental-meets-cinematic atmosphere that both Said The Sky and Illenium bring to the table. It terms of the balance struck between the two producing artists in “Walk Me Home,” the first part radiates a softer, more acoustic driven which makes it out to be more of Said The Sky’s moment to shine, while the second half of the release – showing off a massive future-inspired drop – has Illenium written all over it. There’s a huge amount of overlap between the 2 artists in the end, yet each have so much individuality that they bring to the table – both have helped pushed forward a new sub-culture/sub-genre to a degree that it’s simply immeasurable to grasp in magnitude.

The movement of Illenium only seems to be getting bigger with time. The scale of how quickly things rose could be told in different ways, but 2016’s Ashes was historical. It is his 2nd studio album and completely took the attention of the global dance scene by storm and helps set trends toward his future bass sound. He followed this up with ASCEND, an evolved version of what the previous album gave, but with bigger collaborations and a wide-appeal built in. 2021’s Falling Embers only magnified the previously mentioned aspects, capitalizing on many of these elements in a way that was nothing short of perfection.

Said The Sky is tens of millions of streams deep, has played hundreds of shows and festivals during his time, and has a special place in the hearts of so many. His tender touch on dance is one of his most beloved aspects, often blending in a gentler energy into a dance music format – and sometimes a non-dance music format – that gives a different framework to life so many enjoy. What he’s done clearly works given the A-list names he’s connected with and a maintaining of 1.2 million monthly listeners.

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