IMMENSE, Hellish & Someone Else Team Up On ‘Countless Things’

Bangladeshi electronic artist IMMENSE collaborates yet again with Someone Else (Jessenth Ebenezer) as well as Hellish after their previous hit, ‘Never Hopeless’ that kickstarted their 2021 chapter, this time, with what’s probably Hellish’s greatest work yet.

Hellish explained “I think this is where my angry teen persona comes into play, the kind of person I’ve always been, the moment for self expression is finally here, where I’m not faking everything being sunshine and rainbows, this record means a lot to me cause it marks a start to the artist I’ve always wanted to become but never would have imagined to be, at least not at seventeen.”

The song starts off with a beautiful guitar riff, draped with the dreamy and melancholic vocals from the talented New Delhi based Hellish and turns into a feels inducing banger with an euphoric melodic bass drop, the kind that gives you goosebumps at the mainstage, making you feel nostalgic about memories you didn’t know you had.

Marking both IMMENSE and Hellish’s third collaboration with 19 year old Chennai producer, Someone Else, who has been continuing with a slew of dance music anthems since May this year after a four month hiatus




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