In The Studio With anamē 

New founded duo anamē land on the scene with some incredible music. The duo comprises of Marcus Schossow and Thomas Sagstad – their friendship and music-making prowess has expanded since the Scandinavian, underground house music of the early 2000’s.

With just a handful of records released, anamē have already collaborated with Above & Beyond on the touching record ‘Gratitude’ as well as surpassing 10 million streams on ‘The Best Part’. They’ve recently dropped ‘Influencer’, a darker record.

There is no denying the talent oozing from anamē, dive in below to see where they create that magic.


What is the studio vibe? How did you guys create your studio set-up? Where is this located and so on?

We actually have a mirrored setup in terms of VSTs and speakers which enables us to work on projects from distance in both of our studios but with the same results. It’s very important for us that the studio environment is creative and laidback. One studio is located in Norway and the other studio is located in Sweden.


Please talk us through your software and plug-in set up; what do you guys prefer to use? What is your go to and why? How does this assist you in your productions?

We are both on Ableton, the speed and simple elegance of it is outstanding. Thomas has been a Logic guy for quite some time but I (Marcus) managed to convert him to the light side. For us it’s essential to get down the ideas as fast as we can so we don’t lose the creative flow. We can always tweak and twist things for a 100 years after the core idea is down.


What speakers and monitors are your go to and why? What do you aim to create with what you use?

We are both using a system of Buchardt Audio s400MK2. They were essentially made for HiFi users but they are some of the best midfield speakers we have ever heard, it’s mind blowing to us that not more people use these speakers. We’ve tested a bunch of midfield monitors that are made for “studio” work and nothing comes close to the Buchardt Audio s400MK2. They even come with room correction, what is there not to love about them?


What is your current hardware set-up? What are your can-not-live-without items and why? What was the first and last items you guys purchased for your studio and how have these been instrumental to your work?

We are very much Moog diehards and in the studios you will find Sub37, Matriarch and a good old Voyager. There is just something about these moog synths that impresses us every time, perhaps it’s the beautiful imperfections?

We are also big fans of the new Behringer emulations, like the MS101 etc.


Is there anything you guys particularly love to set the mood in your studio? Please tell us about these and what they mean to you.

Coffee and good vibes! It’s impossible to force out creativity, so staying away from the studio is as important as going into the studio. 

We don’t ever want to become a factory where we produce just to release a song, it has to come from the heart and we truly believe people can feel that.

Listen to ‘Influencer’

Listen to ‘Gratitude’

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