In The Studio With Innellea

Innellea joins us today for our In The Studio feature, delving into his own world we he produces his incredibly technical projects.

Innellea has risen through the ranks these past years, releasing numerous electronic hits.. He’s clocked in numerous releases on Tale Of Us’ Afterlife, played a cameo on Innervisions in 2019, and has played world renowned venues like Printworks and Hï Ibiza. His talents have also taken him around the world, with performances in Turkey, Dubai, Israel, and Cairo—to name a few.

Innellea explained his studio:

My studio is one of the few places where I completely lose my sense of time. It is like flipping a switch as soon as I enter this room and everything around me is faded out. With my current Picture EP I wanted to convey exactly this feeling to the listener. During my production process I always try to create a mixture of analog sounds, self recorded percussive elements and digitally generated sounds to cover the whole range.


For my lead, pad and bass sounds I mostly use analog synthesizers. The Moog Sub37 is definitely a must have when it comes to strong sub-basses, but I also use it frequently for my lead synths. In almost every production of mine you can hear the Arturia Minibrute, it’s quite simple and therefore I’ll limit myself to the essentials here. Mostly I use it for sequences and arpeggios. Because of its stereo image and the infinite modulation possibilities, the Prophet 08PE is the pad monster under my synths. On the right side is my drum section. I like to mix different drummachines, because some have their advantages in certain elements. All my hardware is routed to a mixer where I have the possibility to edit it with effects and eqs.


I work with Ableton and can’t imagine working with any other software. I started with Fruity Loops, but quickly developed a taste for Ableton. I find it very innovative and relatively uncomplicated to understand, which makes my creation process much easier.


For audio treatment I switch between the Neumann KH120 active speakers and the APS Aeon in combination with the Neumann KH801 subwoofer. In my opinion they are extremely precise in the high frequencies but have weaknesses in the low frequencies.


Doepfer Dark Time
The Dark Time is a special sequencer, because it does not display notes but works with a scale from one to ten. You pay more attention to your hearing and work more intuitively than with a note scale.

Any Hi-Hat
I love to record hi-hat grooves. It simply sounds great and gives your tops a whole new dynamic. Must have in my opinion.

Bass Guitar
Even if I am not the best bass guitar player I use it all the time. It sounds amazing to layer a bassline with the bass guitar.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

Casio MT-400V
Secret weapon. Seems like a toy but actually sounds pretty nice. I also use it’s drumcomputer sometimes which is pretty oldschool and simple.

The thundermaker is amazing for soundscapes and atmospheres. I often put a lot of reverb on it and scratch on the spring of it.

Innellea’s brilliant Picture EP is available to listen to below.




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