Sebastian Ingrosso Brings Out Axwell & Salvatore Ganacci During His Solo Set

During Sebastian Ingrosso’s set on the ‘Freedom’ stage at Tomorrowland, he brought out his “two best friends in the world” Axwell and Salvatore Ganacci during ‘Reload’. It was too little surprise to see his parter Axwell come up to play some of their tracks. However, when Salvatore came out with them both, it seemed like Swedish House Mafia 2.0!  

Axwell also took the opportunity to troll the crowd, asking the crowd who was missing, teasing a potential SHM Tomorrowland reunion. Whilst the crowd was hoping for Steve Angello to pop out, Sebastian Ingrosso yelled “CRISTIANO FKN RONALO”. A funny statement that Axwell did back in 2016. 

You can view the new Swedish House Mafia on the YouTube video below, as well as Axwell and Ingrosso trolling the crowds in 2016 and at Tomorrowland just recently. 

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