Insomniacs Pasquale Rotella on Mike Tyson’s Hotboxin Podcast

This week I certainly didn’t expect I would hear Mike Tyson talking about his love for dance music and festivals while he toked away at a blunt. However, that is what I got when I hit play on the latest episode of his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ because this week he and co-host, former American footballer Eben Britton brought on leading independent music promoter, Pasquale Rotella. In the interview, they discuss a potential Festival collaboration, the difficulty in putting together large scale events and more.

Insomniac the company Rotella runs is known for releasing music, a radio show and iconic events which bring millions through the gates each year. Big names such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland and Escape, and has editions in cities throughout the globe and launched in 1992.

We hear a unique insight into Rotella’s early days in the LA Rave scene and how he made it his mission to get electronic music events happening no matter what. He recounts some interesting memories including how his first rave he attended with legendary DJ AM and Seth Binzer of Crazytown fame.

Talking with Mike, they talk about the cost of the events with Rotella revealing some of the festivals cost up to $50-60 Million to put on. Then revealing among other things the possibility a future insomniac festival that to take place on one of Tyson’s properties, in his dream of a permanent rave camp and ideas at a water property in Antigua.

Although there is a video of an imagined concept festival Tyson wants to build, it’s clear he had those made up on his own and this is the first time Rotella is seeing them so don’t get to excited if you missed out on EDC tickets.

During the interview, Rotella explores further on why music is much more than the events or the money to him, its a way of life and it creates long-lasting positive change for those who attend the events. It’s an inspiring story in all and seeing what he’s achieved now, his dream has really come to fruition in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, artists such as Golden Features, Camelphat and Chris Lorenzo get a random shout out from the co-host and Tyson talks about his own experiences at Insomniacs events.

Just to let you know ahead of time despite the shows name Rotella doesn’t appear to join in on the smoking as he points out at the very end, though he doesnt seem that opposed either.