Facebook Testing New Timeline Design & Instagram Colour Wheel Option

Having been testing a host of new features recently – such as removing the likes from the newsfeed and adding Spotify songs to profiles. Now the company has been shown to be toying with some other more interesting changes. Tech code explorer Jane Manchun Wong and Industry consultant Andrew Curry both within minutes have revealed two new changes within the latest builds.

The first is a major redesign to the Facebook newsfeed and timeline which has till now only had incremental changes, the design was first shown at Facebook’s F8 conference. The screen tells users ‘We’ve made it easier for you to do what you want”. With indications, the app will surface the features you use most with new streamlined navigation. The new layout will also save your spot in the newsfeed when you go away rather than it’s algorithm re-sorting your timeline.

The second new tool the company is testing on Instagram to help you choose better colour backgrounds on Instagram stories. We know the platform tests a lot of different features and not all of them make it through to a user wide update. It’ll be interesting to see whether these ones do make it to final use.

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