Instagram Launches ‘Restrict’ Options Worldwide To Help Combat Online Bullying

Facebook and it’s different companies have faced an overwhelming amount of pressure to resolve issues on their platforms, Instagram has been fighting to create a more positive environment for its users in a number of ways and now they’ve revealed a new feature called ‘Restrict’.

Instagrams Adam Mosseri has maid claims previously that they want the platform to “lead the fight against online bullying” and with “Restrict,” rolling out globally users now have the ability to limit interactions from certain users, enabling you to hide your online status, read their messages or prevent their comments from showing to anyone else. They have been testing the tool since July it is reported.

In the case of wanting to check comments you are able to have the option to approve comments one by one. This could be useful to hide comments from friends or family who like to reveal things you don’t want or creeps who leave inappropriate remarks.

CNN reported that “Fifty-nine per cent of US teens have been bullied or harassed online, according to a 2018 study from Pew and further studies revealed a significant amount of the incidents happened on Instagram so it is a positive start.

In explaining the reason for ‘Restrict’ Instagram said that it knows that its users may be scared of blocking, unfollowing or reporting a bully because it could make the situation worse.





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