Yultron Interview: Working With Marshmello, Rave Prom, Inspirations + More

Yultron is a name you should definitely get familiar with if you’re not already.  We chatted with the LA-born DJ and producer about his journey through music from his early days as a rapper to his goals for the next ten years.  Yultron tells us more about collaborating with friends like Marshmello, with whom he just released a track with called “Let’s Get Down,” first coming into the scene as a raver, and how he gets over writer’s block. 

What originally inspired you to get into music?
When I first found out about MTV and saw all the music videos every day after school. I would tune into TRL with Carson Daly and find out about new music. I was so intrigued by it all and it’s always stuck with me to want to pursue music one way or another. 

What did that transition from rapping and singing into producing and Dj’ing look like? Do you have any plans to expand your work back into those areas?
The transition was pretty smooth going from rapping/singing into being a producer/dj. I was already producing my own rap beats and it just took me a little while to get into learning the process of creating as an EDM producer. There are still some songs I sing on. One of my singles last year called “Stronger” had my vocal on it. I wrote it and sang it because I couldn’t find the right vocal to sit over the track. Sometimes I want to sing more on my stuff, but I won’t be rapping again.

You met Travis Barker recently, how was that experience? 

Travis Barker is the nicest person I’ve ever met. I was trying very hard not to fanboy when we were hanging out. Blink 182 is one of my favorite bands ever and to be able to be his friend is absolutely unreal. I still can’t believe it now. I grew up watching Blink 182 music videos and listening to all their cd’s. 

Where are you drawing inspiration from?  Are there certain places, people or things that always push you to create your art?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. It could be love or even anger. One time I wrote a whole song in a few hours just based off of how sad I was during a break-up. It could be from a song that I really vibe with, and I get inspired to make something similar. I take a lot of things from my childhood and recreate them in a modern way. A lot of my songs from 2 years ago, such as “Make Electro Great Again,” were influenced by old Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner style blog house. Lately, my stuff has been inspired by old school UK hardcore and reverse bass. I’m always making what feels good to me. I’ve never really looked at what was “cool” and went along with a trend to make music. 

Do you ever get writers’ block?  How do you get past that?

I get writers’ block all the time. The one thing I figured that works for me is to take a break. Sometimes when I sit in the studio and can’t write anything, I will literally take a day or two off. Go out and enjoy the sun. Sometimes when I get back, things just click and I finish songs. 

What does your collaboration process look like when working with other DJs/producers? I know you’re good friends with guys like Kayzo and Marshmello and just put out collabs with them.  Does that process change when it’s with a close friend?

It really depends. I’ve worked with producers in the studio and I’ve worked with people through the internet. Sometimes we will send stems or sessions back and forth. It’s always different. Sometimes, I will jam with a producer in the studio and I’ll write something really cool quickly. Other times, it takes me forever to even come up with an idea. With my close friends, it’s a lot easier to work with them because I’m comfortable.

How do you prepare your sets for shows?  What does it look like when prepping for a headline show vs a festival?

For big festivals, I will lock myself away and just look for cool songs to put into my set. I try to find songs that I feel would be well received in the particular city that I’m in. I prep for headline shows almost the same – I lock myself away and run through my set, trying to feel out what it would be like with the crowd in front of me. 

What feeling or atmosphere do you try to create at your shows?  How do you want people to leave feeling?

I started out as a raver. For me, the vibe and atmosphere is the most important thing for my shows. I created my own event called Rave Prom, where the vibe is the most “PLUR” thing you can get from a show. I love having lots of lasers, light shows, and anything that has to do with traditional “rave” culture. I want people to leave feeling like it was the best experience they’ve ever had – full of positivity and fun. 

Do you have plans to expand your Rave Prom?

I have done Rave Proms in two different cities now – Los Angeles and San Francisco. I will be expanding this out to more cities and I’m really excited for it.

How do you envision yourself in ten years?  What are some big things you’d like to accomplish in that time?

I see myself with my own label and outlet for myself and other artists. I want to make my events and music its own entity outside of what’s “popular” or “contemporary” in the scene. I want to be able to make Rave Prom its own show where it lives on its own without me.

What can we expect from you in the coming months?

I am currently working on a crossover EP with a friend that will be out soon. This is a different EP, unlike anything I’ve ever done. I’m also working on a full-length dance album for late 2019 or early 2020. I’ve never done a full album, so this is going to be something very special. It will include some of my best work that I’ve been keeping to myself.




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