INTRN Releases Debut EP “Conflicted”

Rising star INTRN has been picking up steam as of late with the viral success of singles like “Not Afraid” and “Voicemail.” Now, the singer has debuted his first EP “Conflicted”, complete with four brand new tracks to get you in your feels.

INTRN is the project of San Diego-native Jake Messig, a singer/songwriter who’s greatest strength is his ability to craft painfully honest and emotionally charged music. This is on full display on the “Conflicted” EP. The project chronicles a breakup story, and as the name suggests, the many conflicting emotions that comes with it. Opener “Tomorrow” is one of the most upbeat tunes in the INTRN catalog, bringing his confessional lyricism to a bouncy beat. “Timing”‘s female vocal addition (done beautifully by up-and-coming singer Bolshiee) brings a refreshing new perspective to the story. Piano ballad “All I See” delivers in emotional weight, while the closing number “If You Ask Me” is a strangely optimistic heartbreak piece about continuing to feel love despite the feeling not being reciprocated.

Overall, the projects reads as a personal anecdote of a failed relationship. INTRN’s delivery feels empathetic in a way, as if in sharing his story he’s somehow in solidarity with all of us who have gone through similarly complicated situations. It’s the believability in his words that allows the listener to place themselves as the main characters, and makes the entire project work so well.

Since releasing his debut single “Voicemail” just last year, INTRN has already amassed over a million views on YouTube and has nearly as many Spotify streams, making him an artist to watch for the coming year. Keep an eye on what INTRN has to offer, and stream the “Conflicted” EP in its entirety below:

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