INTRN Releases New Single “Seams”

INTRN has released his brand new single “Seams”, out today on Opposition. The first single from upcoming EP New Distractions, this confessional ballad takes a personal look at the inner turmoil and mixed emotions surrounding the tail-end of a relationship.

INTRN, the project of San Diego singer-songwriter Jake Messig, has amassed a dedicated following for his emotional lyricism often centering on heartbreak and difficult feelings surrounding love. Many of these themes come from Messig’s own real-life experience of a particularly painful breakup. The profound ordeal has been a catalyst for his artistry, and on “Seams”, Messig’s account of trying to hold on to a dead-end relationship feels like excerpts from a personal diary entry.

“‘Seams’ addresses the reality of breakups not always being clean or cut and dry,” says Messig. “It’s not easy to give up on a relationship you really care about and through recent experience, the blurry back and forth after the end of a relationship started to take a toll on my mental health and knowing what was best for me.” Co-written and produced during a quarantine retreat with frequent collaborators Austin Harms, Luke Shrestha, and Tim Dehnert (aka TRACES), the production maintains INTRN’s signature minimalistic style with a lo-fi twist. The track leans into these moody R&B-infused beats more-so than on previous works, a signal of a sound that will be further explored on New Distractions.

The EP, set to be released on October 14th, will continue to address themes of loneliness, love lost, and bitter-sweet endings.




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