Is Scooter Braun Back Managing The Kid LAROI?

The news broke recently that The Kid LAROI left his latest management deal with Adam Leber, and since then has been hot property, starting his headline world tour as an unmanaged artist.

Since landing in Australia, the one and only Scooter Braun has been spotted together with The Kid LAROI and the surrounding team.

The timing comes just after he left Leber. Scooter, if not already managing LAROI, may just be trying to get the gig once again. Whilst the pair didn’t work out, their split was amicable and could see them back together. It makes sense for Braun to be luring The Kid LAROI back to SB Projects, he is one of the hottest artists in the world at the moment.

The Kid LAROI first started working with Braun and his company SB Projects June 2021, just about a month before the release of ‘Stay’, his smash collaboration with Justin Bieber (a noted and longtime Braun client himself). But the relationship lasted only a few months, with The Kid LAROI ditching SB Projects to work with Adam Leber at Rebel Management in Sept. 2021. 

Seen below, via a post from @roxyjacenko, Scooter was at The Kid LAROI’s first Australian show in Sydney last night. He also appeared in her stories. Scooter also appeared at The Ivy and was communicating to staff on behalf of the artist, which could indict more than just a friendship.





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