J-Summa Delivers A Beautiful Auditory Experience With Single, ‘Heaven and Home’

It is rare to discover an artist that as many skills as J-Summa. This talented singer-songwriter is also experienced in guitar and as a bassist. Part of the reason he has accumulated such a wide range of abilities is the fact that J-Summa’s passion for singing was sparked when he was only nine. Since then he has been heavily inspired by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Al Green, and other historic artists.

Fusing his artistic creativity with these influences, J-Summa is kicking off 2023 with his debut single “Heaven and Home”. Sharing his perspective on the track, J-Summa says, “‘Heaven and Home’ is the unique, delicate yet beautiful balance between yourself and your loved one. It’s easy to have a house but not a home. It’s easy to be with someone but not have peace of mind. This song represents true love and companionship – this person is your heaven and your home. I hope this song can connect with the hearts and souls of listeners worldwide.”

“Heaven and Home” is an auditory masterpiece that puts the spotlight on J-Summa’s breathtaking voice. As his powerful lyrics lift listeners’ spirits, the track embodies mesmerizing sequences of guitar and resonating percussion. Having performed at the European Union’s 60th anniversary of his home country Jamaica before his inaugural single, J-Summa is already gaining a ton of momentum towards his one-of-a-kind sound.

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