Jarod Glawe Teams Up With Rave Republic For Groovy Single ‘Dance To The Rhythm’ Featuring Twista And Nazzereene

Even though he has not been in the electronic scene for long, Chicago-native Jarod Glawe is already making waves. Glawe’s clear-cut sound showcases his expertise in production and his outside-the-box mindset. Only 23 years old, the rising star has a solid resume in the music industry, from remixing for the likes of Mokita, Thomas Gold, and AMPM to producing for well-known Chicago rapper Twista.

Fulfilling disco fans’ deepest desires, Glawe is now releasing his track “Dance To The Rhythm”, which is a project he has been working on for the last two years. Speaking out on the single, Glawe says, “this track has been a dream collaboration of mine for a few years now. We recorded Twista’s parts back in 2020, so it feels so amazing to finally have the song out for the world to hear. I feel like this one has a bit of something for everyone because of how versatile and unique the song is. Working with Rave Republic was so fun, they are really talented. Twista has been a great friend too, and I believe is one of the most skilled rappers out there. I hope everyone loves the song as much as we do!”

Orchestrated by Glawe, this collaborative project showcases the re-emergence and transformation that disco and soul music have recently made. Honoring the house and disco sounds present in the ’80s, “Dance To The Rhythm” embodies a groovy stimulating bassline, complemented by the uplifting vocals of Nazzereene. Twista’s ingenuity in lyric writing and invigorating rap style adds a fascinating element to the track as well. As a whole, “Dance To The Rhythm” is a disco sensation that needs to be on every DJs’ party playlist.

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