EXCLUSIVE: Jauz’s Top 10 Tracks Before Coachella

“Music has no boundaries.” These are words Jauz lives by. Originally from the Bay Area, he moved to Los Angeles, the City of Dreams, to pursue music. And it seems like his dreams are coming true. He has toured internationally, playing some of the biggest festivals and he shows no signs of slowing down. The next two weekends he will be playing at Coachella. He has just released his “Top 10 Must Play Tracks” exclusively to CULTR. Check them out below!

My newest single with SUMRCAMP, really loved making this one! Definitely a bit on the techier side but still has the aggressiveness of a Jauz song.

2. Sikdope – Rave
Sikdope is always reinventing himself and every different kind of dance music he makes is always awesome. This song is so unique and I love the old school vibes to it. Killed it on this one!

3. Jauz & DJ Snake – Gassed Up
This was an ID I would play in sets for so long but could never figure out how to turn it into a real song. Thankfully Snake came along and took it from just a fun drop into one of my favorite songs off The Wise and The Wicked!

4. Ookay – Better Off
Has to be one of my favorite Ookay records EVER. The pop-punk vibes mixed with his new Wow! Cool! album styles is just so perfect. Absolutely love this one.

5. Jauz – Acid or Techno
I kinda wrote this song as a joke and everyone I played it for ended up really liking it haha! Still confuses dance floors now and then but that’s kinda why I like it now 🙂

6. Ghastly & G-Rex – Heretic
Weird & Heavy, exactly what you would want from a Ghastly tune and he delivers 100% on this one. G Rex has been crushing it too lately so it’s dope to see them link up for this one!

7. Axel Boy – Shook Up
Axel boy is one of my favorite artists in the UK scene right now, and I’m so stoked to get to work with him thru Bite This and help get his music spread as far across the world as I can. This song is an absolute SMASH, crowd reaction is insane every time.

8. Jauz x Kiiara
Working with Kiiara was so awesome for this record. Always been a huge fan of hers and we came up with all of this in the studio in just a few hours! Still love listening to this one.  

9. Atrip – Rascal
Atrip is a wiz kid from the UK and just released an INSANE EP on the label. This track is so awesome melodically and the drop is so out there but also feels super familiar. Really stoked to see what he comes up with next!

10. Lucchii – Lost
I had never heard of Lucchii before he sent me this demo thru the label and I instantly fell in love with it. The vocals were so catchy and melodic and the drop was so far the opposite of what I expected. Exactly what I want to hear in electronic music right now!

You can catch Jauz at Sahara on Friday 3:50pm both weekends at Coachella 2019!
Keep an eye out for a Jauz x CULTR interview soon!





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