Jax Jones Hits It Big With 2 New Singles Featured On ‘Deep Joy’ EP

The multi-talented, award winning Jax Jones has let the cat out of the bag with 4-new tracks out via his Deep Joy EP. His music was already on a Grammy-nominated, award-winning level; yet the totality of what is put in place on this grouping of uplifting songs shows the sheer level of brilliancy this man can bring to life.

2 singles already out “Feels,” and “Crystalize,” have already hit the multi-million stream mark, a rabid fan response just a couple singles off the EP. “Feel,” is an instant party-starter, soulful classic-house vocals collide with a modern feel to make something that brings people together and enchants the energy in the room with a luscious spark. “Crystalize,” is in a similar lane of sonic excitement, bringing together a minor-chord emotionality that pulls on the heart strings tightly. Yet, this single juxtaposes this moment with a quick and dirty deep house drop that surprises, but works. The vocal layered nearly brings tears to the eyes – the song writing and production being a pure essence that few things come close to in terms of a stop-in-your-tracks sensation.

Jax Jones has very much earned the stripes he’s well known for. Through genuine love of the music and a phenomenal ability to channel his life experience through the prism of electronic dance music, he’s been able to lift up the genre’s he covers to new planes via his time testing tracks.

Two new singles coming out on the EP are, “You Broke My Heart Again,” and, “Paris.” The former produced along side talents Teqkoi and Aiko, making this single a creative effort that reaches around the globe. Jax discovered the pair on a YouTube music channel and was taken aback. Using apps like zoom, the distance wasn’t enough of a hindrance for the three and the track has now come to life. New and rising duo System.Inc worked on Jax Jones on “Paris,” instantly clicking up when it came to creative chemistry and keen music sensibilities between them all. Jax made a stop in the studio with the group and their songs won him over, which led him to sign the group thereafter.

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