Jay Hardway Goes Back to His Roots With Latest Release “Operation Unicorn”

With his latest release, legendary Dutch producer Jay Hardway returns to his roots. His campy house track, “Operation Unicorn,” combines Hardway’s classic big room style with innovative, symphonic melody lines. Opening with an 8-bit lead supported by airy choir samples, the track quickly evolves into a powerful, motivational house drop. Musically, the track stands out from the crowd for its memorable and unique melodic character.

28-year-old Hardway has long been a staple of the EDM world. First gaining notoriety through a string of massively successful big room releases, including “Wake Up” and “Wizard” with Martin Garrix, Hardway has become one of the key players in the Netherlands ’ famous EDM scene. With his latest track “Operation Unicorn,” out now on Spinnin’, Jay Hardway flexes his production muscle and shows listeners just how musical he can get. The world is waiting with open ears to hear what he’ll bring to the table next

Stream “Operation Unicorn” Here:





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