Jaydon Lewis & Paxton Are All About ‘Good Company’ On New Single

Today two incredible talents have come together to create a single that will no doubt have fans dancing their way through 2020. The track came to fruition during a session at Red Bull studio’s last year, but today it delivers a message that is more potent than ever, having good people in your life. Jaydon Lewis & Paxton have in all delivered audiences with their soothing yet dance-able single ‘Good Company’ along with lock-down video to give you some inspiration for dancing to its catchy ear-worm!

If you haven’t yet stumbled across Jaydon previously, his body of work includes official releases via the Avicii co-owned imprint PRMD and Trap Nations’ Lowly Palace as well as official remixes for Columbia/Sony signed Ruth B. He has garnered over 150 million hits on YouTube, and his unique musical sensibilities have seen his constant flow of work supported by the likes of The Chainsmokers, Zedd, Diplo, Tokimonsta, Alison Wonderland and more. His remix of ‘Ride’ by Twenty One Pilots that first ushered him into the spotlight on the back of its 30 million+ views was followed soon after by remixes of Chainsmokers’ ‘All We Know’ and A-Trak’s ‘Heads Will Roll’

Paxton meanwhile is an icon in her home country, South Africa. In 2018 she took away the top prize for the nations Idol competition and has taken her success in stride with 2019 being rounded out by the release of ‘No Distractions’. She has meanwhile performed in faraway places including Los Angeles, Sweden and Russia and is the UNESCO Ambassador for Kindness.

As serious as the ‘good company’ message is, the track delivers it in an incredibly fun way. As the producer for the single, Lewis explains that “’good company’ is meant to be uplifting with positive vibes that inspire and empower those to be the best they can be.” He also realises that during the current climate of social distancing and isolation everyone needs a bit of good company more than ever, he also wants this track to make everyone dance and put a smile on their face while listening to it. Something the current seriousness of the world has taken away from most.

Speaking on the song, Paxton recalls “I was scheduled to meet up with Jaydon for a writing session and we weren’t really planning on creating something, but I ended up going into studio just for the fun of it. I think we both knew after hearing the song that it was something really special,”.

Lewis further delves into the creative side of writing ‘good company’, saying “The inspiration was to create something uplifting and experiment and push ourselves creatively as artists but in a fun and upbeat vibe. The song was made during the final 20-30 minutes of our session and everything just happened organically. The key message to take from it is to believe in yourself and in what you want, to surround yourself with good people and to unite together.”

The song is out now to listen below and is released through Indonesian imprint Pluus Records.




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