Jerro Reveals 3rd Single Off Debut Album Via Collaboration With Panama ‘Loss For Words’

“Loss For Words,” follows up “In The Dark,” as the escapade of singles from Jerro continues to unfold. The multi-faceted, melody embracing artist has now collaborated with Panama on this one, “Loss For Words,” blending an eclectic mix of both styles on one track. Panama, who sings, writer, and produces, has now teamed up twice in 2021 with Jerro, “In The Dark,” being quite a wild ride all things considered.

Within “Loss For Words,” upbeat melodic arpeggios collide with passionate vocal work, the emotional feeling of the track letting the world fade away for a moment as the exquisite song-writing fills the room. The energy picks up as the track reaches it’s mid-way point, breaks-influenced percussion work enhancing the illustrious mood at hand. Progressive, poppy, and highly original, Jerro and Panama hit the nail on the head with this one.

Jerro’s past releases have often embraced house and downtempo elements, his fanbase popping off these past few years. It was two EP,s Fool and Pantheon that truly created a breaking point for the solo artist, his career picking up seriously after these releases.

Expect more from Jerro as his passion for music continues to satisfy a thirsty crowd in this global, digital music infused world we currently live in.




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