Jerro Prepares For New Album With “Presence”

Fast-rising Belgian producer Jerro is back with his newest single ‘Presence’ off his forthcoming debut album, Coming Home.  As the first single off the debut album, ‘Presence’ sets the tone for the highly-anticipated full-length project, slated for release this October. As he continues to expand his fanbase with each subsequent release, Jerro’s unique brand of dance music resonates with people from all across the globe.

Showcasing his increasing versatility and ability to fuse genres, Jerro delivers an awe-inspiring, cinematic build-up in ‘Presence.’ The single softly opens with an ethereal sonic environment before growing with an enchanting progressive melody. ‘Presence’ serves as a shining addition to his discography, showcasing the melodic and resonant instrumentation that Jerro has become an innovator of. The track grows in texture as it unfolds and takes listeners on an uplifting journey. Jerro makes a memorable introduction to his debut album with ‘Presence,’ ensuring the attention of fans as they anticipate the release of Coming Home.





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