Joel Corry Drops 3 Long Awaited ID’s In One Go ‘Liquor Store,’ The Parade,’ And ‘What I Need’

The unstoppable force of nature that is Joel Corry is unleashing more goodies onto the world. Not 1, not 2, but a total of 3 singles all at once are hitting DSP’s. The move is sure to cause a stir on social media, a frenzy that has already been going on around these tracks anyway due to Corry having been sedating rabid crowds during live performances with them for many months.

“Liquor Store,” “The Parade,” and “What I Need” are the 3 songs that are officially hitting his streaming platforms and each have that Joel Corry design that so many thrive on and seek out. “The Parade,” brings together an epic melody line with some thick basslines, creating a groovy, energized mood that’s perfect for the club. Juicy and boasting a flow that just feels right, this single hit’s all the right sweet spots.

“Liquor Store,” is a feisty party starter down the lane of something that Dom Dolla or Acraze would be serving up. The fast-pace classic house vocal is super infectious, which is supported by a massive synth in the drop that shakes the room. Last but not least “What I Need,” falls down the same lane when it comes to style, but still is well equipped with aspects that make it’s all it’s own. Light exotic drum work, lots of technicality in the percussion, and a infectious feminine topline all tie in to create something memorable.

Holding the record of having the longest consecutive single in the UK for 2020, this begins to describe the impact this guy has on electronic music in that country and globally, 5x BRIT nominations, 4x platinum records, and well over a billion streams on his music has come to the man for all the right reasons. He’s built an audience who wants great house music and continues to deliver more of it again and again. Having worked with names like Charlie XCX and Tiesto, the man has earned the A-list status he holds and then some.





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