John Digweed And Nick Muir Drop 2 Catchy Remixes Back-To-Back

Both having been in the scene for years and understanding the creative chemistry that connects between them, John Digweed and Nick Muir have revealed 2 remixes ready for the world to hear. “Play With The Voice,” signed to Armada Music and “Counting Down The Days,” signed to Undisrupted Music, are the tracks that have received a collaborative facelift from the solo musicians. The songs have their own distinctive flavor allowing the vibe to stand on it’s own, while containing an equal balance of influence from each producer. John Digweed and Nick Muir’s input is easily felt, without one taking up too much room compared to the other sonically.

“Play With The Voice,” is a classic that may have been missed by younger dance music fans, the track originally released in 1993 and embodies some of the best elements original producer Joe T Vannelli has to offer. John Digweed and Nick Muir put their remix skills to the test, giving “Play With The Voice,” a fresh face without taking out too many core components of the original where it doesn’t feel rooted in origins. A bit existential and delivering a hypnotic edge that house music can, the two hit the nail on the head with this remix.

“Counting Down The Days,” has a bit more melodic and retro feel to it. The Pressure is the act who made the original, offering a nice house template for John and Nick to try out different ideas and get the feel right on this one. They absolutely kill it all things considered here. A progressive aspect is brought forth, letting the world fade away as all the parts consume the listeners attention from start to finish.

John Digweed and Nick Muir clearly work well when putting in the work at the studio, avoiding similarity or repetition with the songs that they challenge themselves with. “Play With Your Voice,” and “Counting Down The Days” each hold their own, showing just how right these two can flip a release, when given the task.





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