Johnny Jenre Drops Speed House ‘Nightmare’ EP That Destroys

The genre of speed house movement has made it’s way into the EDM spectrum for quite sometime now, with many rising and established artist alike putting their take on the genre. Johnny Jenre, who has debuted his own 2-track EP embracing the structure of this sound, is cutting above the rest with a riveting, epic take on the sound.

Titling the journey, Nightmare EP, “Jagged,” and “Nightmare,” unequivocally put the ‘speed’ in speed house, while showcasing a formidable edge to it that’s as high octane as it is action-packed. “Jagged,” starts off of with an extreme breaks-vibe in the percussion and a dark 4-chord melody. Moments later, the vibes get elevated to a new plateau, the drop revealing just how dangerous and extreme the genre can get.

As “Jagged,” exits, “Nightmare,” quickly enters and walks the lineage of the former single. Dark, yet empowering, Johnny Jenre puts a fresh variation that pounds with domination. The drop here shares a similar format in terms of structure and tempo as “Nightmare,” but keeps it fresh with an entirely different perspective in terms what the drop itself entails.

The release is signed to Hause Of Panda, a subsidiary of Tommie Sunshine’s label Brooklyn Fire. Given this is Johnny Jenre’s debut release and it’s been recognized within well-known circles such as this, Nightmare EP and it’s creator Johnny Jenre are starting off on right foot right out of the gate.





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