johnny was here Reveals Euphoric Indie-Rock Single ‘silverlake’

From talented singer-songwriter Johnny Gates, johnny was here is an indie-rock project that is bringing fresh soundscapes to the music scene. This innovative artist had performed with the well-known band Runaway Saints before embarking on his solo adventure. Residing in Nashville, Johnny blends his life experiences with a variety of genres and musical influences to create his signature style.

Showcasing this style to the world, johnny was here is making his debut with his six-track EP, Nervous Wreck. The compilation’s lead single, “silverlake” is a captivating fusion of guitar melodies and electrifying vocals. Layered with a lively drum beat filled with crisp snares, there is a sense of balance within “silverlake” that radiates the urge to dance. However, Johnny’s lyrics are definitely the centerpiece of the anthem, striking perfectly pitched tones throughout.

Speaking on the song, Johnny says, “’silverlake’ is the first single off my newest project, johnny was here. I was in a band for 13 years. We signed to a major label and toured all over the US, but we broke up in LA, and this song is me romanticizing that, and going back to that time when we first moved to LA, and ran around silverlake, just playing shows, and even though we were toxic by that point, I’d do it all again. After focusing on a more singer-songwriter, solo project, and writing songs for other artists, it’s my first time back in the alternative rock world, since playing in my band.” If one thing is clear, it is that johnny was here’s return to the alt-rock space is a promising statement for his future endeavors as an artist,




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