Joji’s ‘Gimme Love’ EP; A Sound Wave You’ll Want To Hop On

With a new sophomore album on the horizon, Joji gives us a little taste of what’s to come with his ‘Gimme Love’ EP. He takes us for a ride through the trial and errors of relationships with a pleasurable and wicked sound. Allow yourself to indulge in this twisted fantasy of love.

Starting off with a fast paced drum & bass vibe, you will most definitely want to get on your feet and dance like there’s no tomorrow. ‘Gimme Love’ radiates feelings of longing for someone. This upbeat melody reels you into a winding chase for love. Doing a complete 180, an unexpected, yet perfectly executed, tranquil tune takes over. An angelic tone makes for a dreamy flow, perfectly highlighting vulnerability.  

‘Run’ takes on a nostalgic R&B rock sound, illuminating a love that has failed. This dark and reminiscent tone sets the mood for a sonically corrupt rollercoaster of emotions towards heartbreak. In hopes of avoiding further disappointment, he runs from a crumbling world he once desperately sought after. To add an extra layer of emotions, a captivating guitar solo accentuates the frustrating sorrow of the breakup. Flawlessly combining feelings of rage and sadness makes this song effortlessly relatable. 

Don’t miss out on Joji’s soon to come album, ‘Nectar’, dropping July 10th! In the meantime, go checkout his ‘Gimme Love’ EP. You won’t regret it!





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