Jonny Stanback Unveils Poignant Acoustic Track ‘Intertwined’ from His Solo Album BRONCO II

Jonny Stanback, a Los Angeles-based artist, has become a prominent name with his latest musical ventures. Formerly the lead singer of the indie rock band “THE JACKS”, Stanback’s solo career soared with his acclaimed album BRONCO in 2023, blending folk, indie rock, and Americana seamlessly.

Stanback’s journey from band frontman to solo artist is remarkable. His rich musical background and unique sound resonate with fans old and new. His heartfelt lyrics and storytelling prowess set him apart, making his music both relatable and deeply personal.

His latest single, “Intertwined”, is a heartfelt acoustic pop track that delves into the complexities of long-distance relationships. Inspired by Stanback’s personal experiences, the song beautifully captures the essence of staying connected across miles. “Intertwined” stands out with its raw emotion and melodic charm, resonating with anyone who has ever loved from afar.

In 2024, Stanback is taking on the ambitious “Hail Mary Hundred” challenge, aiming to release 100 songs. This includes his new album, BRONCO II, which delves deeper into themes of hope, love, letting go, isolation, and adventure, experience for yourself below.




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