Josefine Drops Tasteful New Single “Let It Go”

Born into a musical family, Swedish talent Josefine auditioned for Stockholm’s best choir school at the age of 9, a move that would lead to her graduation from acclaimed Berklee College of Music in 2016. The Swedish musician moved to LA shortly after, where she worked alongside multi-Grammy award-winning producer Justin Trugman, as well as Ale Alberti, Jon Asher, Myah Marie, and Gavin Jones, quickly giving birth to a number of hit singles. 

Now, Josefine has released her debut song for this year, combining electronic sounds with pop on “Let It Go”. A single with a relatable story behind it, “Let It Go” starts off with catchy guitar chords and quirky vocal chops before dropping into a future bass-inspired chorus, all topped off with Josefine’s stunning vocals. 

To be in a relationship is all amazing, romantic and spontaneous in the beginning, then comes that day when everything goes into routine and you start arguing about the most stupid and pointless things,” explained Josefine. “It’s almost like you try to find something to fight about. So you apologize and take the blame for a lot of things that have nothing to do with you just so you can move past it and be fine. You just want to LET IT GO.”

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